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I have been thinking about doing some very intro level stuff for PowerShell and scripting. It’s been done like one hundred kabillion times though, so I wanted to make sure that I have two things going for this blog. One it’s funny! (This is a problem you see, I am just not that funny of a guy… Hell, I met a few small rocks that were funnier than me.) And two, it looks at it somewhat uniquely, I had a lot of trouble learning because of the way things were explained, so if you are anything like me, this might help with conceptualizing stuff, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is super hard (That’s what SHE SAID!) but I found that it makes a lot more sense when viewing it from a PowerShell sense. (Because you don’t have to define your own classes… And what can I say, I definitely am lacking in the class department… ZING!)

So I thought I’d start with some real basic things. First the PowerShell interface.

When you load up PowerShell it will look like this. Except it will have your name (Your User Name if you are on a domain joined machine)… If it has my name, please close your laptop, or shut your desktop down and return it to the nearest Nicholas repository, sometimes my damned computers like to get out and screw with people’s heads.

Next you are going to type a command. This is perhaps the single most important command you will ever type in your life, are you ready? Seriously though, if you only read one this this is going to be the absolutely most important thing, so important, I am going to have this insane run on sentence describing how incredibly important it is. Yes that’s right my friend, you want to type:


And press the enter key.

That last line gets it’s own line, because REASONS! (This also got it’s own line, except not because of this whole extra explanation here… I really hope that if you are looking for some sort of real, condensed, amazing tutorial, you’ll stop reading all this garbage, because pretty much EVERYTHING from here on out that is in parenthesis is just ‘flavor’ text… Not really needed at all. I might put a TL:DR at the bottom of this post depending on… STUFF)

Now what is our output?


A bunch of crap, it really is one of the least helpful help files that has ever existed… (Actually the doom readme was the least helpful help file ever made, but c’est la vie.)

BUUUUT! There is an important thing to remember about this cmdlet. (From now on we are going to call these cmdlets instead of commands, that is the proper PowerShell way.) If you type it, and then follow up with another command say, “Get-Process” We get something spectacular and amazing!


I am being overly wordy, but the truth is, this will help you in ways you can’t even imagine. If you are on PowerShell v3 or higher you can add -online to have powershell just open a window in your default web browser to the technet help article.

So that about sums up this first installment, it was super basic, but next one we will start getting into different types of variables, and how we can inspect them and work with them. It is much more the scripting side of things.

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