Hello Internet!

I’ve finished up my Exchange Health Script (Patent pending) ! (Ok that patent pending bit is a total lie, but man it looks good there right??? RIGHT!?) And by finished I am also totally lying, it is on v 0.5 or so.

It currently works for Exchange 2013, I am working on getting an Exchange 2010 version put together but it won’t be out for the holidays… I know, you are sad, you planned to gift this health check to your wife and she is going to have to miss out because she is running an older version of Exchange. WELL TO BAD! (TOO bad? I wonder…) I don’t particularly like your wife anyway, she is kind of moody every time I come over, and her beef stroganoff is not as good as she thinks it is.

So! Onto the script, I’m going to be breaking it up into several posts, this first one is just an introduction, and a big credits post, because one of the primary things that made this all possible is the great work by… (Hang on looking up the author of this module) Uh… Well, that was not what I was expecting… So let’s go with it… Cookie.Monster. You can download the module by itself here:


I am not going to dissect Cookie.Monster’s script here, but it is included in my module set for the next post.

I’ll be posting the next few pretty rapid fire this week because I’ve gotten all the base work done now, {please so look forward to it! }

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